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    We are located at 1810 Union Street, at the Northwest corner of Octavia. Metered Street parking is available, and there are parking lots on Union at Laguna and Buchanan. If you are bus bound, the 41 and the 45 traverse our part of Union. Please allow extra time for parking as it can be tricky in our neighborhood and we get very booked. We will try our best to accommodate you if you are a few min late but can't always guarantee it.
    Wax We use an extremely gentle custom blend of waxes, the highest quality wax available on the market. We have both hard and soft wax but are most known for our hard wax skills. It shrink wraps the hair and leaves healthy skin alone making it a much more gentle process as the skin is less traumatized during your treatment. This is ideale in sensitive areas such as brazilian and face. Despite the magnificent effectiveness of our wax and the stellar experience of our staff, waxing does have some limitations and factors that need to be considered. Waxing yields best results - and is less painful - when done every 4-6 weeks. Pre-Wax/Sugar Hair needs to be at least 1/8th of an inch to achieve a clean wax (envision half the width of your pinky finger nail). Our wax is good, but it’s not a miracle worker. Please, we beg you, don't come in right after you've shaved! Give it atleast 2 weeks post shaving. Hair should be at most ½” long. If longer, we recommend that you trim it to ¼” to ½” prior to your Bare appointment. This will increase the effectiveness of the wax as well as your comfort level. If you are on any medication that thins the skin, you shouldn’t wax (many are fine to still get sugared though). Some examples are Accutane, Retin-A, Renova, and Differin. This list is not complete, so if you are in doubt please double check with your prescribing doctor. Also, in the case of Accutane, you shouldn’t wax if you have used it within the last four months. Similarly, waxing shouldn’t be done on any area of the skin that has had a chemical peel, overexposure to the sun (or from tanning beds), or laser treatments. If you have had any of these, you’ll want to wait until it’s fully healed before you wax. If you have a spray-on tan, and you want to keep it, you may want to reconsider waxing that area. Exfoliating the area to be waxed can ease the exit pathway for the hair and make for a more comfortable wax. Some people take an Advil or Ibuprofen 30-45 minutes before a Brazilian wax as a way to help alleviate any minor discomfort. We also provide a topical anesthetic. If you regularly smoke or drink a lot of alcohol or caffeine, it can build up acid in the body which can increase the skin’s sensitivity. In this case, an antacid tablet 20 minutes before your waxing might help minimize the discomfort. Many say getting waxed in the morning is less painful than evening, so if you consider yourself low pain tolerance try a morning appointment! Many physicians do not recommend waxing services for clients with diabetes, varicose veins or poor circulation. If you think you fall into one of these categories, we recommend erring on the side of caution and consulting your doctor prior to scheduling your appointment. You can do a Brazilian during your period, but it will likely be more painful. The week leading up to your period may also be a time when you are more sensitive to waxing down there. Post-Wax/Sugar Immediately after your wax your skin will be the most sensitive. For some pink/reddness even bumps can occur for up to 48 hours (your hair has just be lifted from the roots afterall). This is most common with folks new to waxing, but sensitive skin or people with extremely course hair can also experience sensitivity. Please be gentle on the waxed area that first day or two post waxing. Do not exfoliate or use any harsh products on the area. Sexy time isn't advised immediately post waxing either, sorry! Your pores are wide open and more apt to get infected during this time so sweat, dirt, products can irritate more than normal. All that said, most people are totally fine a few hours post waxing treatment. Between waxes (but not 24-48 hours after the wax), gently exfoliate the waxed area to help prevent ingrown hairs. We also recommend the regular use of products designed to prevent ingrown hairs such as PFB Vanish alternated with a physical exfoliant like a gentle sugar scrub or one of our best selling supra core scrubbers. You also want to be sure to moisturizer regularly, a commonly skipped step in the brazilian area. Stay exfoliate and hydrated and it will keep your waxed area smoother and softer than ever plus make your waxing appointments far easier and less painful. Some things you may want to avoid for 24-48 hours after waxing: heat sources, such as hot tubs, saunas, steam and whirlpools tanning laser treatments salt water skin tight clothes sweat sexual activity Sugaring Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal that has recently been brought back in vogue in the city! It's said to be "pain free" and although we agree there is less pain we also want to manage expectations. It is still pulling the hair out by the root so let's not kid ourselves about it not hurting at all. Here's why sugaring is more gentle than waxing...wax is typically laid in the same direction as hair growth then pulled against it to remove the hair. Sugar however is laid against the grain and pulled out with it. So imagine plucking your eyebrow, usually you pull with the grain, if you pull opposite it hurts a little more right? That's the difference. And since the sugar molecules are smaller than wax and it warms up on the body and softer it kind of melts into your skin and can pull the hair by the root slightly more efficiently than waxing can. In some instances sugar can get hair that is shorter and not ready to be waxed yet. Sugar is also a more unique harder to learn skill that not all estheticians are trained on, so be sure to find your Bare sugaring specialist before you book as we can't always make the change in the room if you want to try it. Last but not least, sugaring doesn't pull at your skin the way wax might so if you are on certain medications that make you too sensitive to wax you can often still receive a sugaring treatment. Sugaring is applied by hand so usually takes a little bit longer than waxing does. Threading Another ancient form of hair removal. We only offering threading on the face. There are no contraindications for threading treatments. It's hair removed by 2 pieces of thread, very incredible to watch!
    Bare's airbrush tanning service is one of the original organic tanning solutions in the United States. It's applied by hand by a trained Bare Babe. We will help you decide from 4 custom shades of tan. Before your visit please be sure to gently exfoliate your whole body at least 48 hours before your treatment. If you take a shower the morning of, avoid body moisturizer as it can act as a slight barrier. Keep in mind you will need around 10-12 hours before showering after the service so plan your workouts and exercise accordingly. Spray tan aftercare It's a good idea to bring loose fitting, dark clothes to your appointment. Flip flops are a great option as well! If you can't bring a change of clothes please know that there is bronzer in all of our solutions so it can rub off on clothes and might stain. The sooner you can head home to change into loose fitting clothes the better as solution can rub off in the first hours as it hasn't changed your actual skin layer yet and still just beginning to develop. When you first shower after your session just use soap on the necessary areas - underarms and privates. Soap can be drying and speeds up tan loss. Also, no exfoliating! You will literally be rubbing off your tan. The cooler the water the better, the hotter the water the sooner your tan will fade. Body lotion is your best friend! Stay moisturized to ensure longer retention to keep that glow! We have some wonderful clean body lotions, our favorites are Beautycounter's Body Butter and Epicuren's After Bath. An at home self-tanner can also be a great tool to keep that tan looking deeper longer - crucial if you will be on a long vacay you want that an for! Typically tan stays prime until around day 4 and is fully faded by day 7. Developing period: Regular Full Body: 10 - 12hrs Express Full Body: 6hrs
    Lashes We source the best products to ensure that each lash service results in the most beautiful lashes customized for each client. Before ANY lash service please come with a bare face. No makeup. If you must wear makeup, please come with make-up free eyes. Please avoid caffeine 3hrs before your lash service. Lash Extension Aftercare Do not pick or rub your lashes and avoid oils on the lash line as this will weaken the adhesive causing your extensions to fall prematurely. We recommend coming in every 2-3 weeks for fills to keep lashes looking their fullest. To improve retention and ensure that lashes are clean, remove makeup daily with Borboleta's makeup remover and cleanse lashes with Lash Bath. Lash Lift Aftercare For 24hrs after your appointment, do not pick or rub your lashes and avoid oils on your lash line. It's ok to wash your face the same day with cool water and being gentle on the eye area. After 24hrs go back to your normal routine with no fuss. To keep lashes healthy and soft, we recommend Elleebana elleeplex and elleevate mascaras. Lash lifts typically last anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks depending on each individual's lash growth cycle.
    Being Bare isn’t just about hair! We want you to feel beautiful and bold in your bare skin from head to toe. We have all suffered from blemishes or unwanted skin issues over the years and we are here to help correct and bring balance, clarity and a youthful glow with our customized oxygen facials. We are proud to partner with Cosmedix, Epicuren and Beautycounter products, the leaders in clean, safe and most importantly effective clinical results pro skincare on the market today. We want to educate on not only how to care for your skin thru treatments but at home as well so you can increase the results you get at the spa over time. We offer free skincare consults that can be booked separately or in combination with facials to really dial in the perfect home care routine to fully maximize your results. Before a facial - please arrive at least 5 minutes before your facial time to fill out a client consultation form and be sure to let us know if you are on any type of medications or topical retinols so we can ensure the safest practices. After the facial - Use your home care! You wouldn’t go to the dentist and never brush at home, right? A proper routine includes at minimum a cleanser, toner, treatment, hydration and protection step. We can help you navigate that. If you receive any types of peels or intense exfoliation services during your treatment be sure you are following proper home and aftercare instructions. Add-ons - We offer several add on services to your facial including a variety of peels ranging in intensity, LED treatment to target fine lines/wrinkles or breakout prone skin, customized eye and face masks and extended massage. These are all additional pricing and will be charged accordingly. Ideal facial timing is once every 6 weeks but you can still see some wonderful results on a every other month schedule. We are happy to see you and rejuvenate your skin at whatever schedule fits your needs.
    Bare Beauty Lounge has 1250 square feet of beautiful space for your next unique event! If you're looking to book, email us at While not the typical party space, we offer a gorgeous environment that can accommodate a fun day or night out! We have hosted Paint Nights, Mom's Spa Days, Flower Bouquets making classes as well as fun birthdays and bridal sessions. We also have hosted many beauty training classes such as sugaring, waxing and lash certifications. We work with product vendors to help accommodate hands on training classes in a great live action environment (real working treatment rooms, private and public available) at a fraction of the cost of most conference and hotel type spaces in San Francisco. We don't have a pre-packed event price or out of the box sessions set aside as we like to speak directly to the planner to see if what you have in mind is something we can work together on. Some just want to rent the space, others want to incorporate our services into the mix and we are here for any of it! Message us and either Audrey or Perri will get back to you to see if we can work with your ideas and budget based on our spa and training academy schedules. Please take note Our capacity is 45 people max We have one rest room and one sink on site We do not have kitchen storage or refrigerator space to offer Tables and Chairs are available on a very limited basis
    Changes may be made to an appointment 24hrs before the start of the appointment. Cancellations or reschedules made within 24hrs of the appointment will be charged $25. If the total ticket price is over $66, clients will be charged the price of the total service. Credit cards are required at the time of booking to hold any appointment.
    Love being Bare? Want to have your Brazilians hurt less? Be faster? And also get discounts on all of our other services & product gold to ensure your results are truly the BEST outcome? We got you covered with our Bare Brazilian Club. Here's the 411. It's a $49 membership fee that occurs monthly. Your membership includes. 1 Brazilian per billing period, 20% off of all other services & 10% off of retail purchases. it's that simple. Need more details? 1 Brazilian included in monthly charge. You're welcome to come again before your billing date and receive the 2nd Brazilian within the period at 20% off (still an incredible price!) Auto-billed $49 per month on the date of signing Membership includes 10% off all retail items and 20% off all services If you do Upgrade to a sugaring membership for $59 a month A 3 month minimum is required and membership can be cancelled anytime thereafter Memberships are non-transferable and may not be substituted for other services Clients have until the expiration date to use their brazilian on file, otherwise they expire and cannot be used. Unused brazilians may not be accumulated for future use. Refer a friend that has never been to Bare and she signs up for the membership during her fist visit then you receive a free month of membership! Be sure your friend mentions you during her visit so we can track it. Memberships must be cancelled in writing. Email us at to cancel Refunds will not be issued for unused membership brazilians
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