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Bare Ambassadors

To say we love our clients is an understatement. For years we wanted to find ways to give back to our community more so than donations and fundraisers. So we created the Bare Ambassador program! Twice a year we highlight and work closely with 5 movers and shakers in the Bay Area (who also happen to be our clients) to get to know them, their careers, passions and friends to create a synergistic relationship. We have special private events catered to their unique characteristics and favorite treatments as well as incorporate and promote their offerings/ideas and skill sets to the rest of our amazing clientele and friends. We are proud to know these babes and hope you enjoy getting to know them too!


Future Ambassador

If you are a client of bare and would like to be considered for an ambassador role please reach out to to connect. The basic requirement is simply that you're a big fan of bare and would like to get spoiled for helping share about our team and community. We want to celebrate you while you celebrate our services and feelings we strive to invoke which is confidence and connection. 

Coming soon!


Interested in being an ambassador?

Contact us 

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