We source the best products to ensure that each lash service results in the most beautiful lashes customized for each client.


Before ANY lash service please come with a bare face. No makeup. If you must wear makeup, please come with make-up free eyes. There will be a small fee for makeup removal at the time of service. 


Please avoid caffeine 3hrs prior to your lash service.

Lash extension aftercare

Do not pick or rub your lashes and avoid oils on the lash line as this will weaken the adhesive causing your extensions to fall prematurely. Do not use mascara between your appointments or while you have extensions on. We recommend coming in every 2-3 weeks for fills to keep lashes looking their fullest. Appointment fills scheduled more than 3 weeks after the last fill will be considered a full set at the discretion of the lash artist. To improve retention and ensure that lashes are clean, remove makeup daily with Borboleta's makeup remover and cleanse lashes with Lash.

Lash lift aftercare

For 24hrs after your appointment Do not pick or rub your lashes. Avoid oils on your lash line. Avoid extreme heat It's ok to wash your face the same day with cool water and avoid the eye area. After 24hrs go back to your normal routine with no fuss. To keep lashes healthy and soft, we recommend Elleebana Elleeplex and Elleevate mascaras. Lash lifts typically last anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks depending on each individual's lash growth cycle.