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Skin Care

Being Bare isn’t just about hair! We want you to feel beautiful and bold in your bare skin from head to toe. We have all suffered from blemishes or unwanted skin issues over the years and we are here to help correct and bring balance, clarity and a youthful glow with our customized oxygen facials. We are proud to partner with Cosmedix, Epicuren and Beautycounter, the leaders in clean, safe and most importantly effective clinical results pro skincare products on the market today. We want to educate not only on how to care for your skin through treatments but at home as well so you can increase the results you get at the spa over time. We offer free skincare consults that can be booked separately or in combination with facials to really dial in the perfect home care routine to fully maximize your results.

Before a facial - please arrive at least 5 minutes before your facial time to fill out a client consultation form and be sure to let us know if you are on any type of medications or topical retinols so we can ensure the safest practices.

After the facial - Use your home care! You wouldn’t go to the dentist and never brush at home, right? A proper routine includes at minimum a cleanser, toner, treatment, hydration and protection step. We can help you navigate that. If you receive any types of peels or intense exfoliation services during your treatment be sure you are following proper home and aftercare instructions.

Add-ons - We offer several add on services to your facial including a variety of peels ranging in intensity, LED treatment to target fine lines/wrinkles or breakout prone skin, customized eye and face masks and extended massage. These are all additional pricing and will be charged accordingly.


Ideal facial timing is once every 6 weeks but you can still see some wonderful results on a every other month schedule. We are happy to see you and rejuvenate your skin at whatever schedule fits your needs.

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