Bare Bosses

Perri & Audrey


Perri Ling

Perri is a San Francisco native, cosmetologist with a specialty in all things lashes and skin. She is the Bay Area Elleebana lash trainer as well as head educator for the Bare Academy. Her dream when she first started her beauty journey was to own a spa, in fact Bare was one she'd envisioned when seeking inspiration years ago. In 2019, she became co-owner of her dream spa and dove into making it her own w/ revamped Lash department and adding a training academy to perfect our in house skills while offering certification trainings to all fellow professionals. 


Audrey Vargas

Audrey's been on the business side of the spa industry since 2005. She's from a small town but a city girl at heart, Mom of 2, Clean Beauty Educator & licensed esthetician. She got her start in the spa world with former partner, Craig Fossella when she left her tech company to help him grow his destination spa, Tru. After several years they opened Bare together in 2011. Unlike Perri whose hands on with nearly all treatments you'll find Audrey doing 1 on 1s and hosting public clean beauty educational events, as well as speaking at schools and spa conferences teaching people about the importance of product ingredients and lack of safety regulations around product creation nation wide. She advocates with local govt agencies and goes all the way to Congress on behalf of her team & clients to update personal care product laws to ensure quality, effectiveness and safety for human health. She's grown into the spa mentor of the bay area and has helped guide many budding estheticians from passing their state boards to becoming thriving spa owners. Her goal is to help connect and elevate the entire bay area spa & beauty community.