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Airbrush Spray Tan

Bare's airbrush tanning service is one of the original organic tanning solutions in the United States. Our system is sprayed on by a trained Bare Babe to give an even, full and perfect coverage. We will help you decide from 4 custom shades of tan.

Before your tan

- Gently exfoliate your whole body at least 48 hours before your treatment

- If you take a shower the morning of, avoid body moisturizer as it can act as a barrier

- Keep in mind you will need around 10-12 hours before showering (or 2-4 if you opt for the express solution) after the service so plan your workouts and exercise accordingly

- Do not sweat or get wet before your full development time or your tan will not be as dark as desired 

- Wear loose fitting clothes to your appointment to help reduce any clothing friction on your freshly sprayed body 

- Our tan solution has a bronzer in it, it can rub off on fabric so we suggest wearing dark clothes to your appointment 

Spray tan aftercare
- Dark loose fitting clothes after your tan is best so the fabric doesn't rub off any tan and make your tan uneven

- Flip flops are a great option for shoes - if you wear closed toed shoes to your appointment chane soon after or it can affect the color on your feet

- We have loose fitting t-shirts for sale if you forget yours at home

- When first showering after your session just use soap on the necessary areas - underarms and privates. Soap can be drying and speeds up tan loss

- No exfoliating! You will literally be rubbing off your tan

- The cooler the water the better, and will ensure your tan lasts a little loner

- Body lotion is your best friend! Stay moisturized to ensure longer retention to keep that glow! We have some wonderful clean body lotions, our favorites are Beautycounter's Body Butter and Epicuren's After Bath.

- An at home self-tanner is be a great tool to keep that tan looking deeper longer - crucial if you will be on a long vacation. Typically tan stays prime until around day 4 and is fully faded by day 7. The more you're in water, salt or chlorine the quicker your tan will fade 


Developing period:
Regular Full Body: 10 - 12hrs
Express Full Body: 2 - 4hrs


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